PHS Engineering Resources

Here's a book with random resources, and knowledge to help become a better engineer meant for anyone, but made particularly for students at PHS, (mainly students in PHSCRC, SciOly, other engineering clubs)

This is not a replacement for you doing your own research, I'm adding as much as I can (and hopefully someone will continue it once I leave), this is meant a good place to start, anything you want in depth knowledge, just google it, there are so many amazing resources online.

I'm going to try and do as little explanation myself and outsource it to other places since I'm bad at explaining things.

Another thing you may notice is that the quality of an article gets steadily worse over the article. This is likely because I usually work on this from like 2-3 and I get tired. I apologize. Please talk to me if you need clarification on anything.

All of the projects documented here will be from projects worked on at PHS. None of our personal projects will be on here, I have considered starting a blog/youtube channel/some other way documenting project to put personal projects on, but that probably won't happen anytime soon

Feel free to make a change request and add whatever you want!


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